Blues Is The Story So What Are The Subplots?

My other hobby, when I’m not playing guitar, is writing. if I were to write & novel about the blues, the sound of the guitar music and how ti evolved would be the main plot; but what would be the subplots of this piece of fiction?

Each and every blues-man would be a subplot in himself, the microcosm within the macrocosm. the next plot level would be the novel themes:

  • find love, lose love
  • love finer than money
  • dirt poor
  • desperation
  • singing to ease the pain

Son House - Subplot to the Blues plotRight from the get-go, the blues singers of the Delta carved out there own subplots, with raw emotion in the style of Son House and others.

Check out his music and learn about the real heart of the blues

There aren’t that many great movies about the blues – Crossroads stands out, with that iconic duel between¬†Eugene and Butler, one a white kid from the delta and the other representing the Devil and his music. Of course, like in all the best movie scripts, the kid won.

I’ve tried writing novels, and I love writing generally, but I often find that my stories are very visual. Why not write a script for a movie? So I did! Well, at least, I started planning the beat structure. It isn’t blues-based, but more sci-fi.

However, I do have a movie idea that focuses on the life of Reverend Gary Davis, so maybe that will become a project later on.

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